Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bishop Ely (Vermont) response to Primates' communiqué

In my judgment, these requests invite the House of Bishops to declare that, for the sake of unity, we will forsake our own Baptismal Covenant to "seek and serve Christ in all people" and to "respect the dignity of every human person." I am not prepared to do that. In this diocese, we have carefully and prayerfully considered our commitment to the inclusion of all, not only as recipients of our pastoral care but also as participants in ministry at all levels. I am not willing to compromise our spiritual, pastoral, and justice commitments as Christians to the many faithful gay and lesbian clergy and lay members of this church for a false and deceptive unity.

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Linda in VT said...

I remember saying to Bishop Ely, before he left on sabbatical, that I thought our Baptismal Covenant a full and sufficient one, not requiring supplementation by any Anglican Communion Covenant. Clearly, he and I think along similar lines. I am so lucky to be a priest in the Diocese of Vermont! (Though I would be as glad still to be in Minnesota, where I was ordained.)