Thursday, March 1, 2007

In Newsweekly | Progressive Christians see hope for gay marriage

"A progressive Christian organization held a winter symposium on Feb. 23-24, at First Church in Cambridge, offering up an ecumenical, liberal vision of the Christian tradition, gay marriage, and political action - one not often heard in public discourse.


"Two Episcopal priests, Anne C. Fowler and Pam Werntz, offered their positive perspectives. Rev. Werntz, a legally married lesbian and mother of three, said the "social capital" of marriage, the "status it conveys to families" was important, especially to her children who were eager for their parents to marry. "My desire to witness to the richness of my marriage to my wife Joy Howard brings me to this place," she said. Werntz serves as associate rector in Brookline, St. Paul's Church.

Rev. Fowler spoke about "a wave of weddings since May 2004," when the historic Goodridge decision became the law of the Commonwealth. "Perhaps one-third of our families are newlyweds," she said, adding, "We have seen such an outpouring of energy, love, creativity, joy and gratitude, as I've never before had the privilege to be part of." Fowler serves as rector in Jamaica Plain's St. John's Church, as well as board president of RCFM (Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry), an interfaith organization of more than 700 clergy who support same-sex civil marriage."


"A final panel discussion concerned the intersection of faith and political activism. Mass. state Rep. Byron Rushing (D-Boston), a layman active in the Episcopal Church, said his "primary ministry" was in "politics." In favoring civil marriage for all, including gays, Rushing said, people of faith can indeed advocate in the public square, "doing our political work as religious people."

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