Friday, October 10, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Help Needed In California!

Friends in faith:

I am writing to you from the center of the California NO on Prop 8 campaign.
I serve as the Statewide Faith Organizer. I am a full time volunteer who
moved here from out of state to help defeat Prop 8.

As you know, we are in an historic battle to preserve marriage rights for
same sex couples in the State of California. The margin is razor thin and
our most recent poll shows us 3 points down. We are in a struggle for the
hearts and minds of undecided voters in California. You have undoubtedly
heard that we are down in the polls as well as donations, but I write to
assure you that we are not down in spirit!

No civil right has ever been won without progressive people of faith!

We have the best and largest coalition and field campaign ever created for
LGBT rights! We have raised more money than we ever have when fighting an
LGBT ballot measure! We have field offices covering the State of California
and over 100 phone banks working night and day. Many of them are located in
churches, synagogues and Unitarian Universalist Fellowship halls from Eureka
to San Diego. Even the 7th Day Adventists have over 500 people who have
signed on to a NO on Prop 8 petition.

This is what we need from you!

-We need you to get on the phones.

-We need you to make and solicit donations.

New technology allows us to enlist your energy to directly talk one on one
to undecided California voters. Reaching out to them is the single most
important act you can take to help us win on November 4. Phone banks can be
established in your congregations, homes, and/or on your own! Go to and help us double our phone banks and reach
out to every Californian who needs more information and wants to have a one
on one conversation. If you have ever said that you wished there was more
that you can do...NOW is the moment to act.

We also need donations. Every individual can go to and
donate today!

If you've already donated, do so again! Now is the time for sacrificial
giving. We recommend $2008.00 to honor the year this mile- stone decision
was made. Or $365.00 for the full year that teams have been on the ground
readying for this struggle! The cost of a marriage license in California is
$77.00. Do whatever you can, but do it today! We can only win by getting
our message out. Won't you please join us in making history today.

In service to a more just world,


Rev. Debra Peevey
Statewide Faith Organizer
NO on Prop 8
571 723 4788 land line
623 670 6598 cell

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