Monday, October 6, 2008

Catholic priest preaches vote NO on Prop 8

KFSN in Fresno, California reports:
Father Geoffrey Farrow of the Saint Paul Newman Center in northeast Fresno shocked parishioners Sunday morning when he came out against Proposition 8, an initiative that would eliminate the right for same sex couples to marry in California.

After 23 years as an ordained Catholic Priest, Father Geoffrey Farrow has likely given his final mass. Sunday morning he invited us to hear his message, a message that shocked many parishioners.

11 o'clock mass began as usual Sunday. Father Geoff led parishioners through prayer and communion.

The homily taught of acceptance, love and rejection. But it was his closing remarks that left some parishioners stunned. "What most Catholics hear about being gay or lesbian at their parish is silence, Fr. Geoff says after numerous inquiries from parishioners asking for direction on Proposition 8, if passed would ban gay marriage, the Father said he must go against the Bishops recommendation and instead go with what he feels is right."

Watch it here.

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Thomas said...

He said he has to go with what he feels is right? You have to be careful with what you feel is right. The adversary is really, really good at imitating what truly is good and right, but is in all actuality far from what is right. Proposition 8 protects what God has already deemed as good and right. Why go against what God has already decreed to be the right thing, especially when one claims to be one of His servants. Vote "yes" on prop. 8.