Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekly Witness For 6 March 2009

Action Alerts!

President Appoints Nominating Committee

In accordance with the bylaws changes recently ratified by the membership, President Susan Russell has appointed the following members to the nominating committee that will solicit and approve candidates for the next board of directors and provincial coordinators...

Province 1—Mark Kozielec [Diocese of New Hampshire]
Province 2—Michael Cudney [Diocese of New York]
Province 3—Joshua Blackwood [Diocese of Washington]
Province 4—Bruce Garner [Diocese of Atlanta]
Province 5—Rick Kautz [Diocese of Indiana]
Province 6—Curtis Price [Diocese of South Dakota]
Province 7—Julie Schultz [Diocese of Arkansas]
Province 8—Ian Chamberlin [Diocese of Arizona]

The members of the nominating committee were selected from a pool of volunteers.

The nominating committee will hold a kick-off meeting next week. Shortly after that, they will announce the process for receiving nominations. Meanwhile, begin discerning whether you or someone you know might be called to serve in one of the following offices...

President: Chairs meetings of the Board. Appoints committees and individuals to assist in carrying out the programs and obligations of the organization. Makes regular reports to the membership of Integrity.

Secretary: Records and maintains the minutes of meetings of the Board. Conducts the legal correspondence of the organization. Is the custodian of the official business records of Integrity. Function as Director of Communications.

Treasurer: Is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all funds of Integrity, and for the maintenance of accurate financial records with a regular accounting to the Board and an annual accounting to the membership. Prepares and files fiscal reports as required by governmental entities. Prepares an annual budget for approval by the Board. Arranges for an annual audit of the books.

Vice President for National Affairs: Responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating Integrity's programming, development, and administrative work at the national level.
Vice President for Local Affairs: Responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating Integrity's programming, development, and administrative work at the provincial, diocesan, and congregational levels. Mentors the Provincial Coordinators and serve as the primary liaison between them and the Board.

8 Provincial Coordinators: Serve as field organizers—providing technical assistance and encouragement to the members, parish partners, congregational circles, diocesan network coordinators, and chapters of their provinces—with the aim of starting new work and strengthening existing work. [NOTE: Provincial coordinators do not sit on the Board.]

Unblogged News

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[includes quote from Susan Russell]

Bennington Banner, VT
Hearings to start March 16 on gay marriage

Marriage Matters: Why California Must Overturn Prop 8

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