Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The 2007 Spring Report of the Other Sheep News


  • Ishtar MSM Invites Other Sheep to Nairobi, Kenya, for Summer 2007
  • Other Sheep Requests Books for Marriage Equality NY
  • Other Sheep Theologian (Tom Hanks) Speaks in Brazil
  • Queer Bible Commentary reviewed by the London Times
  • Father Doherty, after 20 years of ministry in East Africa, receives Kenyan visitor in his Bronx home
  • Kathryn Griess, former missionary to Chile, shares her coming-our journey
  • Emmanuel Kamau distributes The Children Are Free and Other Sheep material at conference in Cambodia
  • Jesus MCC and Other Sheep to Publish Book in Spanish
  • Thomas Hanks to Present paper on Romans 1 at SBL in November

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