Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bishops' pastoral statement to go to General Synod

May 02, 2007
By Stuart Mann
Diocese of Toronto News

Bishop Colin Johnson and the College of Bishops of the Diocese of Toronto joined in issuing a statement on May 1 from the Canadian House of Bishops to the members of General Synod in advance of their meeting in June.


In the statement, the Canadian House of Bishops say they "hope" no child or baptized Christian will be denied the sacraments because of sexual orientation or marital status.

"I want to be very clear that in the Diocese of Toronto, the words 'We hope' will be strengthened to reinforce our position that in our diocese no child will be denied baptism and no baptized Christian will be denied communion or confirmation solely on the basis of marital status or being in a committed homosexual relationship," says Bishop Johnson. "This accords with the House of Bishops' statement that, 'It is inconsistent and unacceptable to deny baptism to children as a way of imposing discipline on the sexual behaviour of the parents.'"

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