Thursday, May 10, 2007

Davis Mac-Iyalla in Ohio

The Athens (Ohio) News reports:

The founder of an organization working for human rights and full inclusion in the (Anglican) Church of Nigeria for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people is set to visit Athens' Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday, May 20.

Mac-Iyalla is the founder of Changing Attitude Nigeria. The 34-year-old man has been plunged right into the middle of a major social conflict that affects both society and church in Nigeria, said a press release. As a result, he has faced anonymous death threats, has been fired from his job as a school principal, suffered ostracism from family and friends, and has been denied communion by his church.

"This is a special opportunity to see firsthand the state of the movement for LGBT liberation in other countries," said the Rev. R. William Carroll, Good Shepherd's rector, in the news release. "Davis' experience reminds us that this is not an absract issue. LGBT folk are flesh and blood human beings, often scapegoated to advance other political agendas, and the issues at hand are really about physical, emotional, and spiritual violence against persons, who can and do speak for themselves."

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Bill Carroll said...

Davis will also be at St. Stephen's Columbus the next day and at the Church of Our Savior, Cincinnati (on the Day of Pentecost). He will also be at the Cathedral in Cleveland (Diocese of Ohio with Dean Tracey Lind). For more on how to support Davis' trip or to ask to invite him to visit, visit