Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Becoming Bridges: The Spirit and Practice of Diversity

from Cowley Publications, by Gary Commins, 172 pages, paperback, c. 2007, $14.95

[Source: Cowley Publications] Pastor of a bilingual, multicultural church for more than a decade, Gary Commins knows that diversity is a spiritual exercise that can be as charged with anxiety as it is laced with hope. In Becoming Bridges, Commins lays the groundwork for diversity as an intrinsic part of the life of faith and calls us to become bridge people: people who are willing to traverse gaps of ignorance and bridge the things that separate us -- religion, race, culture, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

Gary Commins is rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Long Beach, California. In 25 years of ordained ministry he has served in an ecumenical campus ministry, in a bilingual, multicultural parish, in a congregation with a large gay and lesbian population, and, for 10 years, teaching a seminary class in Multicultural Ministry. He is also a trained spiritual director with an interest in mysticism and is currently the vice chair of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

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