Monday, June 18, 2007

Chuch of Nigeria Renews Attack on Davis Mac-Iyalla

Nigeria: Beware of Fraudsters, Anglican Church Warns
Daily Champion (Lagos)
17 June 2007
Posted to the web 18 June 2007

Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has warned of the activities of fraudulent personalities who, it says, exploit Christian love and the good name of the Church in a bid to defraud unsuspecting people, especially foreigners, of money.

In a statement by Rev. Canon AkinTunde Popoola, Director of Communications, the church said the trend has become alarming recently as dozens of mails are received seeking to verify supposed priests administering bequests of none existing estates, missionaries selling pets that never get delivered or collecting aids for the sick or orphaned with seemingly convincing pictures.

He said, "we have even seen a situation where a supposed knight collects money to organise homosexual meetings that only take place on sponsored news reports".

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And click here for Episcopal Life Online's edited version.

I don't usually comment when I post news articles to this blog, but the Church of Nigeria is again trying to discredit Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, who is receiving much attention as he travels across the United States to share his story of persecution. JCB

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