Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Parsippany Postcard #2

Bishop Ingham speaks to Executive Council.

John Clinton Bradley
For Integrity
June 13, 2007
Parsippany, NJ

The Rev. Michael Ingham, Bishop of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada's representative to Executive Council, reported during a plenary session this afternoon on two important events in his province.

Ingham discussed the Archbishop of Canterbury's meeting with the Canadian House of Bishops last April. Ingham described the time with Archbishop Williams as spiritually beneficial—with Williams revealing his deep scripture knowledge and generous theology. However, Ingham said he was disappointed that the Canadian bishops did not have the opportunity to share with Williams their experiences. Ingham recommended that, when the Episcopal Church's House of Bishop meets with Williams in September, the format allow for two-way conversation.

Ingham also discussed the pending General Synod He said that that resolutions regarding the blessing of same-gender relationships are likely to consume a majority of the synod's time—as it did during the Episcopal Church's 2006 General Convention in Columbus—causing other important resolutions to be tabled. Earlier in the day, during a report to the Standing Committee for International Concerns, Ingham expressed his belief that the majority of lay and clergy delegates to General Synod are in favor of same-gender blessings but that the majority of bishop are not—meaning that same-gender blessings are unlikely to be authorized.

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