Sunday, June 24, 2007

Debate continues on same-sex blessings

Solange De Santis
staff writer
Anglican Journal
Jun 24, 2007

In its first full day of debate on issues concerning same-sex blessings, the General Synod on June 23 rejected calls that the issue be decided by a greater margin than usual.


The procedural issues took up nearly the entire evening session. Debate and voting on the actual motions were deferred until later in the convention, which ends on June 25.

In the one- hour, 45-minute period, which occasionally got testy, the governing convention successively rejected motions that would have required a two-thirds majority in two successive synods or a 60 per cent majority for approval. It let stand synod’s normal rule that a resolution may be approved by a simple majority of more than 50 per cent. It also defeated motions for a secret ballot and to refer the issues again to a theological commission. Tired after a tense day, delegates also declined to extend the session past 9 p.m.


"I have to come to accept that some people are ordered toward the same gender. The church needs to adjust its views. It has excluded them for too long," said Dorothy Davies-Flindall of the diocese of Ontario.

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