Saturday, June 2, 2007

Queens Gay Pride

The Queen's Tribune has a whole section devoted to Gay Pride. The front page reports,
For the last 15 years the gay community of Queens has been out –marching down the street and toward understanding. Men, women and teenagers have been unashamed of their identity and have begun to become an integral part of the fabric of Queens.

Whatever the term of the day is – gay, lesbian, LBGT, queer – the feeling is the same; we are all united as one community. We fall in love, we raise our children, we handle life’s ups and downs, we mourn, we celebrate and, in short, we live our lives.

Inside this edition we hope to show you how the lines that separate people by sexuality are fading, how there is no difference when it comes to matters of the heart, to the challenges we all face or to the struggles we endure.

Join us as we take a peek inside the lives of Queens’ gay culture, and as we celebrate the things that bring us all together.

The status of Equal Marriage rights is discussed in Seeking Equality featuring two Integrity members, Gary Gilbert and Murdoch Matthew who were married in Canada in 2005.

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