Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ENS | Presiding Bishop engages in a live 'Conversation with the Church'

"The recent Anglican Primates' Meeting and the Episcopal Church's mission in the world were the focus of a one-hour February 28 live webcast, in which Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori engaged in 'A Conversation with the Church,' from the studio facilities at New York's Trinity Church, Wall Street..."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great synopsis and accurate quotations.

I want to offer my cheers and support for all the callers and e-mailers who asked thoughtful and challenging questions too.

As a Welcoming and Inclusive Episcopalian in the Diocese of Los Angeles, I have to say, I came away from this with a feeling of some dismay and a sense of a leader who knows too well where her priority lies. Unfortunately, I do not get a sense from the Presiding Bishop of a welcome for critical thinking or thorough-going critical and post-colonial analysis to be performed on the ideas and statements from all perspectives, including her own. I also do not understand fundamentally WHY Anglican Communion is so valuable as to justify continuing marginalization. To take this to its core, I cannot hear or read in any of the TEC's leadership how it is that we can call ourselves brothers and sisters of Jesus walking in His Way, while at the same time saying, "well, wait, before you are welcome, we'll have to evaluate what all of the other members at the Table say about who you are." I am sad for this.

Millenium Development Goals are laudable, but what about the Poor in Spirit right here right now where a real difference can be made TODAY?

I pray for welcoming and inclusion: for once we have this for EVERYONE and cease the legitimization of "pausing" people on their way to their seat at Christ's Table, then we really will achieve, and SURPASS, Millenium Development Goals for ALL, not just Primates and not just the GLTBQ communities.

Richard Lyon said...

I note with some dismay that both the PB and the ABC are silent in the protests over the legislation in Nigeria criminalizing homosexuality. Is this the price of remaining at the table? It is most definitely not worth it.