Friday, March 10, 2017

The Restroom Wars

      This week, the Texas Senate considered Senate Bill 6 which is commonly referred to as the Anti Transgender Bathroom Bill. The bill would require all persons to go to the restroom according to the designation on their birth certificate. Since making a gender marker change on a birth certificate is difficult in the best of circumstances and impossible in other cases, it would mean that the Transgender community would be required to go into restrooms that do not equate with their physical presentation.
      Despite an overwhelming number of witnesses who gave highly compelling testimony against the bill, it passed out of committee around 5am on Wednesday morning.  This was after nearly 20 hours of oral testimony.  The battle is not over. The bill now goes to the full Senate, where it is likely to pass.  Hopefully, it will be more difficult to pass it through the Texas House of Representatives.
It is important to know that the two Co Conveners of Integrity Houston, Rev Lisa Hunt and myself (Mx S Wayne Mathis) testified against the bill during the Senate’s State Affairs Committee hearings. My own objections were supported by the Board of Integrity Houston having authorized me to convey their official objections to the bill.
      The day was filled with anguish, compounded by the often open hostility from several Senators and their invited witnesses towards members of the LGBTQIA community.  What gave me strength throughout the day, evening and well into the night was the support of MY community and my church.  Both Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings have publicly stated their opposition to this legislation.

      Integrity Houston wishes to say to the LGBTQIA community that we have and we will stand WITH you.  We will support you in the capitol and we will support you throughout the state. As our buttons at diocesan council stated, “I’ll go with you” to the restroom that best meets your needs.

S Wayne Mathis and Rev. Lisa Hunt, Co-Conveners of Integrity Houston

 S Wayne Mathis
Vice President of Local Affairs