Friday, February 29, 2008

St. Deiniol's Postcard #5

by John Clinton Bradley


Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, presented the 6th paper, "Paying the Price--An African Perspective." He made the following key points...
  • He knew he was gay from an early age. Despite some anti-gay sermons he heard from Anglican priests, his own study of the Bible convinced him that homosexuality was not sinful. In the south of Nigeria where he grew up, homosexuality was tolerated if it was not flaunted. Homosexuality was also part of his tribal culture before the missionaries came. The same is true of other Nigerian tribal cultures.
  • If it is true the humans came from Africa, then Africa gave the rest of the world homosexuality!
  • He was headmaster of a church school. There were no complaints about his performance, but he was eventually sacked because of this sexual orientation.
  • After founding Changing Attitude Nigeria, the Church of Nigeria stated a smear campaign against Davis. Davis has refuted these charges.
  • Davis was arrested by the Nigerian police and held for 3 days. With the help of Colin Coward of Changing Attitude UK, he bribed the police and was released.
  • He received several death threats. He is currently living in exile in another West African country.

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