Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rebuilding Communion: Who Pays the Price?

Edited by Peter Francis

This timely book chronicles the experiences of gay and lesbian people and suggests new possibilities for Anglicanism.

The aim of this book is threefold: firstly, to provide a brief Who’s Who and What’s What on the recent history of sexual orientation and Anglicanism; secondly, to give voice to gay and lesbian people from around the Anglican world; thirdly, to reflect on the present crisis and offer new possibilities for learning from areas such as human rights legislation, the African concept of ubuntu and conflict resolution in Bosnia.

All the contributors to this book are committed Anglicans. Most of them were attracted to the Anglican Church because of its inclusive nature and its careful sifting of scripture, tradition and reason.

Many people think that Anglicans should be discussing more important issues than sexuality, for example, issues of conflict and justice. The Church’s right to speak about injustice is negated by the lack of justice it shows to a significant proportion of its adherents who are gay and lesbian. It is a justice issue because sexual orientation is biological in nature; it is not a choice. Gay and lesbian people have exactly the same rights and responsibilities concerning the expression of their sexuality as heterosexual people. The fullness of life that Christ came to bring includes our sexuality.

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