Thursday, December 4, 2008

Huron bishop not yet acting on same-sex blessings

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The Anglican Church of Canada

Dec 3, 2008 The newly-elected bishop of the diocese of Huron, Robert
Bennett, says that he has not yet acted on the diocesan synod's motion in
May asking the bishop to give clergy permission to bless same-sex marriages
"where at least one party is baptized" and to authorize an appropriate rite.

"Nothing has happened," said Bishop Bennett, adding that at the fall meeting
of the house of bishops he said that "I'm here to listen." Bishop Bennett
issued the clarification in reaction to a story and editorial published in
the December issue of the Anglican Journal that included Huron among
dioceses that came to the house of bishops with requests to allow them to
bless same-sex unions.

Bishop Bennett said in a telephone interview that the diocese had been "in a
transitional and crisis mode" after Bishop Bruce Howe announced in June that
he was retiring effective Sept. 1.

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