Sunday, June 28, 2009

More on IntegriTV Launch from the Communications Team

IntegriTV, Integrity's video presence in Anaheim will launch on Sunday, June 28th -- 10 days ahead of the start of General Convention 2009 -- with the 10 part "MARCHING TO ANAHEIM" series promoting Integrity's ministry and message.
Watch for it daily at

"For the last 10 days of Integrity's march to Anaheim, we're reprising that theme with different content added daily, offering reflections from bishops and lay leaders, from pastors and people in the pews," said Louise Brooks, Integrity's Director of Communications.

Once the convention begins, Integrity fans from around the globe will have a front row seat to the happenings from July 7-18, in Anaheim with IntegriTV's brand-new daily news & information program produced especially for broadcast on the Integrity website.

Each day, IntegriTV will feature timely news stories and unique interviews on subjects of particular interest to equality advocates within the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. You'll want to stay tuned to IntegriTV because no where else will you find the General Convention reports specifically addressing your interests and concerns.

A passionate team of Integrity volunteers will be on the floor, in the halls and around every corner at convention working to educate attendees and encourage support for "all the sacraments for all the baptized." IntegriTV is just one of several channels created by Integrity to provide real-time updates to folks at the convention and back home. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook will also keep fans updated, as well as the regular Integrity blog. Of course, there will still be the occasional old-fashioned email update as well.

"We are thrilled that these enthusiastic volunteers are committing their time and God-given talents to the issue of equality in our church. They are bringing diverse skills to General Convention which will enable us to reach people on so many different fronts," said the Rev. Susan Russell, IntegrityUSA President.

"Who would have thought even a year ago we'd have such amazing technology at our fingertips to draw people even closer to the cause for equality? IntegriTV is yet another opportunity for us to deliver substantive information directly to you and introduce you to key players who are shaping issues within the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion."

To make life just a little simpler, all you have to do to keep up with Integrity at General Convention is go to the one-stop portal at:
There you can view the daily IntegriTV show, became a Facebook fan, follow along on Twitter and read the Walking With Integrity blog.



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