Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Rev. Michael Russell, Rector of All Souls' Episcopal Church, Point Loma in San Diego, who authored D005 in 2006 which puts The Episcopal Church on record as opposing laws that criminalize homosexuality,  has created this online grassroots petition about Uganda on which you can leave a comment or sign your name. It reads......

Leaders of the Anglican Communion in England, The United States and other provinces have failed to speak quickly and forcefully on proposed legislation in Uganda that includes imprisonment and execution of glbt folk. It also proposes jailing clergy and others who do not report glbt people to the authorities.

In the absence of our leaders speaking out in a timely fashion, it becomes incumbent upon the grassroots of Anglicanism to speak out and repudiate this bill. We join with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Primate of Canada and the Prime Ministers of Canada and Great Britain in urging all people of conscience to speak out against this bill.

Signing this petition reaffirms resolution D005 of the 2006 General Convention placing The Episcopal Church in opposition to such laws.

While we hope that in due course our leadership will speak, we must now speak out to support the glbt community in Uganda and in every country contemplating such legislation. They need to know that we are out here and we are not going to remain silent.

Click here for the link. Sign and forward.

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