Monday, October 26, 2015

Integrity in the Diocese of Indianapolis

Diocesan Coordinator John Steele
and his husband John Cutter
The Diocese of Indianapolis celebrated two events this weekend.

The new Diocesan Coordinator, John Steele, made Integrity's presence known at its second half convention (the dioceses held two half conventions this year). John is a Delegate to the Convention and a newlywed to John Cutter. At the convention, seven resolutions passed: review alcohol policies for church events, study parental leave issues, strengthen greater cooperation among dioceses, commit to greater study around racism, respond to the work of the church-wide task force on the study of marriage and their resources, engage in more Bible study, and commit to work toward food security issues in local communities.

Moreover, Integrity's newest chapter celebrated its inauguration at Trinity Church, Bloomington. Convenor Ed Brandon invited Province V Coordinator David Fleer to speak at Trinity's adult forum on Sunday, October 25. David spoke about Integrity's history and its future to a friendly audience of parishioners. He also stressed the grass roots nature of Integrity, emphasizing the importance of local initiative in directing the attention of Integrity on matters of interest to the church.

Join us in celebrating the ways Integrity proclaims God's inclusive love throughout the Church.

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