Monday, June 4, 2012

"Out of the Box" Tops 2000 Views Over Opening Weekend!

Premiering on the IntegriTV YouTube Channel on Friday, June 1st, "Voices of Witness: Out of the Box" has already topped 2000 online views and DVDs are coming soon to a bishop and deputy near you!

Here's what viewers are saying about the groundbreaking documentary giving voice to the witness of transgender Episcopalians:
Fiercely, beautifully, compelling. Enlightening and comforting to ALL of us who need to courageously live into our true selves, whoever that is and wherever that takes us. - Sharyn D, Los Angeles CA

Powerful, heartfelt and beautifully done. Thanks for this blessed gift. – Donna M, Pasadena CA

Someone at my parish told me during coffee hour today how much they loved this film and how proud it made them feel to be part of the Episcopal Church! I hope to share it widely here in Oregon, I think it might be especially useful for clergy.—Andy M, Portland OR

Just watched it -- so terribly impressed -- thanks to all who made this film possible -- As a form LCMS Minister of Education I was especially impressed with the priest who left the LCMS and who spoke so clearly about God's love for us all. – William R, Washington DC

Gripping, heart- wrenching, challenging.... Outstanding! – Ann R, Alexandria VA

Moving, thoughtful, and the humanity of transgender people shines through every frame. This is a wonderful tool to educate all about a subject that is so misunderstood and feared. Great work!!! -- Bill B, Los Angeles CA
And as seen on twitter: "awesome, inspiring, powerful, needed, feeling called to replicate this in Jamaica."

See for yourself what everybody's talking about ... click here to view on YouTube ...  and then [a] comment [b] share [c] like [d] tweet [e] SPREAD THE WORD!

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