Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breaking News: Resolutions Updated

CO56 Delayed

The House of Bishops usually starts the afternoon session with a 30 minute 'private conversation'. Today it was a lot longer and the crowd outside the door was definitely getting restive before we were let in.

The Presiding Bishop opened by announcing that the Bishops wanted some additional input (I think that's the word she used) so would discuss CO56 again tomorrow afternoon.
Now the Bishops are discussing a document which will provide the basis for inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue. That's an important aspect of inclusion too.

A huge thanks to Neva Rae of the Episcopal Media Office who has provided power in the HOB Press Area!

D025--Passes (by 72% in both orders, lay and clergy).

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Tim Palmer said...

Thank you, Integrity, for your steady stream of communications. One request, for those of us who aren't as close to the action, would you identity the resolutions by issue as well as number? I don't recall what D025 or C065 are. Does D025 essentially nullify B033?