Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stealing the Power

One of the minor inconveniences of the electronic age is that you need electricity. One of the odd things about the House of Bishops is the lack of outlets. There is no power provided in the press section so during a long session people start running out of juice in the middle of live blogging and have to take to thumbing it on their i-phones and blackberries. There is a power point near the Press section but it’s being used for the speaker system. The official camera crew seems to have power too.

Over by the door there’s one outlet, and I’ve been popping over there for power breaks. Yesterday afternoon, one of the Integrity core team was plugged in to that one outlet, when a security person came along, pulled her plug, and said it was stealing!

A church that says it wants to be honest and to connect – ubuntu - needs to make sure that resources are available to do that. Otherwise it is but empty words.

How can plugging in to an available power outlet be stealing? Did the Episcopal Church somehow rent the Convention Center without renting any power? How are they running the lights? It’s meant to be a solar powered building so I guess we’re stealing power from the sun.
Or are we on a meter? Integrity would be happy to pay to put a few quarters in. Can someone tell us where it is?

Caroline Hall for IntegrityUSA

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