Friday, July 10, 2009

What Integrity Wants Integrity Will Get!

So said Charlie Holt of Central Florida in the hearing about various resolutions which offer ways to move beyond B033. He argued that B033 was the best thing that happened for the liberals (read Integrity) in the Episcopal Church because conservatives felt it was so inadequate that many split away from the church. The question before us is he said, what does God want for our church, not what does Integrity want.

President Susan Russell soon responded with a strong metaphor. Integrity wants the blockages in the circulatory system of the Body of Christ to be removed. The heart of mission pulses blood through the Body, she said, and we have the skill and wisdom to remove the impediment that blocks the flow – non-canonical requirements for episcopal ordination (C007).

Lawyer Muffy Maloney assured us that in imposing non-canonical restrictions, BO33 is void because it is in contradiction to several canons and therefore against Roberts Rules of Order.
Maybe I was getting tired but it seemed to me that most of the testimony repeated what was said in the afternoon about equal marriage rites. There are many gay people and most of the people speaking and listening were LGBT friendly though about 10 speakers supported the continuation of B033.

Will Integrity get what Integrity wants? We don’t know, but it will come as a surprise to Deputy Hunt and others who share his perspective, that Integrity wants what God wants for the Church.

We believe that’s full inclusion.
Caroline Hall for IntegrityUSA

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