Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Louie's List

It was exactly seven years ago today the Holy Spirit and the Diocese of New Hampshire made a bishop out of V. Gene Robinson -- in a hockey arena in Durham, New Hampshire surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses ... along with a few media trucks and couple of security guards.

And since seven is such a nice biblical number we were casting about for ideas on how to celebrate this Happy Anniversary -- and we turned to Integrity founder Dr. Louie Crew for some inspiration.

"Let's look ahead to the NEXT seven years," said the always forward thinking Dr. Crew. And here's the result ... what we're calling "LOUIE'S LIST" of LGBT priests to keep-an-eye-on as the Holy Spirit continues to work and call forward the next generation of bishops for this church we love and serve.

We're offering Louie's List today in both celebration and expectation. Celebration of all that has been accomplished in these last seven years as The Episcopal Church continues to grow into the more inclusive Body of Christ we believe God is calling us to be. And expectation that God will continue to call the leaders we need to do the work we have been given to do.

Whether or not these servants of God are called to the episcopate is between them and the Holy Spirit ... and the dioceses that can and may call them into that vocation. But whether called or not, they're on Louie's List -- and that is something to rejoice and be glad in today!


Mark Asman
Michael Barlowe
Cynthia Black
Thomas Brown
Lee Crawford
Horace Griffin
Caroline Hall
Tobias Haller
Michael Hopkins
Elizabeth Kaeton
John Kirkley
Mark Kowalewski
Tracey Lind
Cameron Partridge
Altagracia Perez
Bonnie Perry
Katherine Ragsdale
Blake Rider
Susan Russell
Jason Samuel
Jane Shaw
Mac Thigpen
Winnie Varghese

And are there others?????


Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For said...

Patrick Malloy

FirstStateKate said...

How about gltb deacons...permanent ones, aren't we part of the list?