Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presbyterian Church USA Moves Toward Marriage Equality

Tuesday night, the Presbyterian Church (USA) took a step toward marriage equality.  During their General Assembly, the Civil Union and Marriage Committee passed an overture (resolution) to amend a part of their Book of Order to change the definition of marriage from a "man and a woman" to "two persons."  The committee also passed legislation calling on the PCUSA to study the meaning of Christian marriage.

"Integrity USA rejoices with our partners in the equality movement from More Light Presbyterians as they celebrate this historic achievement in the life of their communion," said the Rev. Jon M. Richardson, Integrity's VP for National Affairs.  "We call on the 77th General Convention of The Episcopal Church meeting now in Indianapolis to join this growing ecumenical movement and to pass all resolutions that will move us forward in realizing full marriage equality in the church.  The Episcopal Church has been on record since 1976 as supporting our full and equal claim in the life of the church, and it is now the time to move that resolution into reality."

Please join Integrity as we celebrate this vote, and pray for both our national meetings, so that marriage equality becomes more fully realized for us all.

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