Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Comments from the Archbishop Of Canterbury on Kato

At a news conference at the end of the six day Primates meeting in Dublin, Ireland, the Archbishop of Canterbury made the following statement when asked about David Kato's murder in Uganda.....

"I think that this murder illustrates that words have results. You can't go around sharing information about the identity of supposed lesbian and gay people to ostracize or worse, hang them, as was in one of the headlines of a Ugandan can't do that without taking responsibility for the consequences."

See his comment on  Video here.

Last Friday the Archbishop released this statement.....

"The brutal murder of David Kato Kisule, a gay human rights activist, is profoundly shocking. Our prayers and deep sympathy go out for his family and friends - and for all who live in fear for their lives. Whatever the precise circumstances of his death, which have yet to be determined, we know that David Kato Kisule lived under the threat of violence and death. No one should have to live in such fear because of the bigotry of others. Such violence has been consistently condemned by the Anglican Communion worldwide. This event also makes it all the more urgent for the British Government to secure the safety of LGBT asylum seekers in the UK. This is a moment to take very serious stock and to address those attitudes of mind which endanger the lives of men and women belonging to sexual minorities."

Integrity USA applauds the Archbishop of Canterbury for speaking out and condemning the violence and rhetoric against LGBT persons. We urge him and all the Primates to continue to work against the forces of homophobia throughout the Anglican Communion and the world.

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