Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Message From Max Niedzwiecki, Integrity Executive Director

God Is Doing A New Thing
by Max Niedzwiecki
April 20, 2011

“We can see the broken places of our world either as complete and utter disaster, or as seedbeds – graves, even – in which God is doing a new thing.”

When our Presiding Bishop used those words in her Easter message this year, she was referring to the tragedies in Haiti and Japan.  Let us pray for their continued recovery.

These words also have resonance for us,  for our communities, and for the Church itself.  We all have “broken places” inside ourselves.  LGBT folks are often hurt  by many who call themselves “Christian” but judge us or our loved ones to be abominations in the eyes of God.

And yet God is doing something new in these broken places.  More than ever before, God’s grace is uniting openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with the body of Christ.  God is healing our wounds, and the mental illness called homophobia.  And the Holy Spirit is granting us the wisdom and courage we need to transform the Episcopal Church into a community where all people are truly “welcome.”

Holy Week and Easter are times for us to reflect on our broken places, and the miracle that the resurrection promises a new and more authentic life for us in Christ.

One aspect of Integrity’s mission is that it is a healing ministry.  We proclaim the truth that God loves absolutely everyone.  We help members create a warm welcome in their parishes and dioceses.  We work to make the phrase “all the sacraments for all the baptized” a reality throughout the Episcopal Church.  We declare that as people of faith we stand for equality.  And we do all of this so that our hearts, our churches, and our communities are better prepared to welcome the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

This Easter I ask you to take a moment, and consider how God is doing a new thing in your life and your Church.   I ask you to reflect on parts of your life, your community and your Church that are still in need of healing.

Finally, I ask you to consider whether you feel called to join Integrity’s healing ministry in a new or deeper way.

Please email us if you would like to talk about how you could become more involved with Integrity, or consider making a special donation in honor of this glorious season.

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