Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Davis Mac-Iyalla meets Bishop Ben Kwashie at Church of England General Synod, York

Tuesday, 10 July 2007
by Colin Coward
Changing Attitude

Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria (CAN), arrived in England from Washington DC on Friday 6 July and has been present at the meeting of General Synod in York this weekend.

Davis attended a fringe meeting organised by Anglican Mainstream on Monday 9 July at which the speaker was the Rt Revd Benjamin Kwashie, Bishop of Jos in Nigeria. Bishop Kwashie presented a picture of the Church of Nigeria which Davis recognised as true to his own experience. The bishop said that homosexuality is not an issue for the Church of Nigeria and he acknowledged that there are many lesbian and gay people living in Nigeria.

When asked a question by Davis, Bishop Kwashie remembered him very well. They had met many times when Davis was the administrator of the Diocese of Otukpo, working with the bishop, the Rt Revd Prof. I Ugede. Davis visited the Bishop Kwashie’s house when the diocese of Jos hosted the meeting of the Province of in July 2003.

Bishop Kwashie revealed that he was totally unaware of the Disclaimer published on the Church of Nigeria web site in December 2005 by Canon Akintunde Popoola, Director of Communications for the Church. The Disclaimer contained a series of false allegations against Davis deliberately designed to destroy his reputation. The allegations resulted in at least one member of the Church of Nigeria issuing repeated threats to murder Davis.

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