Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Producing the daily Lambeth Witness newsletter has turned out to be less of a challenge than distributing it.

After MULTIPLE conversations with conference organizers ahead of the start of the conference, it was determined that yes, the distribution of a daily newsletter would be allowed.

After handing them out on the first day to conference participants as they moved from the "big top" to other sessions on campus, we were told that we could "distribute" them but not "hand them out" ... and so constructed newsstands to serve as distribution centers and placed them in the lobbies of the public buildings, per instructions.
Today, we found that our stands had the papers stolen and trashed and one of them (pictured below) had been removed and vandalised.

Connecting with the conference organizers who had given the parameters for the distribution in the first place, their first suggestion was that maybe we should try handing them out instead.

(No, I couldn't make this up!)

On being reminded that they were the ones who had asked us not to hand them out (and please let the readers note that we are working as hard as we know how to work within the boundaries we've been given) they suggested we take it up with the University Campus Security ... and as I write members of our Inclusive Communion team have headed off to do precisely that.

Stay tuned ...
(And in case you missed them, here are links to the issues so far:)

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