Saturday, July 26, 2008

Press Release

26 July 2008


CANTERBURY, UK— Davis Mac-Iyalla, a gay Anglican and activist who fled Nigeria in 2006 following death threats, has been granted asylum in the UK. "LGBT Nigerians live in fear of their lives once they come out of the closet," said Mac-Iyalla. "Now I can work on their behalf from the safety of a base in London."

Mac-Iyalla first sought safety in Togo where he was the victim of a violent assault. On the same day as this attack, a friend and fellow gay Anglican activist was severely beaten while representing Davis at his sister's funeral in Nigeria. Mac-Iyalla then sought refuge in the UK where even more threats followed him. Once British police determined the threats were from outside the UK, Mac-Iyalla decided he had no option but to seek asylum in Britain.

Mac-Iyalla is at the Lambeth Conference to share his and other stories of gay Anglicans in Africa.

Davis Mac-Iyalla is available for comment and interviews.

Press contact in the UK:
Louise Brooks, Senior Press Officer, +44 (0)7503 695 579,

Press contact in the USA:
Jan Adams, Field Organizer, +1-415-378-2050,

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