Thursday, July 17, 2008

FREE "For The Bible Tells Me So" Study Guide Now Available

The Human Rights Campaign asked us to share this announcment with our membership...

For The Bible Tells Me So: A Study Guide and Advocacy Training Curriculum

Rev. Chris Glaser, Author
Dr. Sharon Groves, Editor

Download For The Bible Tells Me So: A Study Guide and Advocacy Training Curriculum (PDF)Please note that this file is large and may take time to download. Download this poster to promote your movie screening.

Created to accompany the film For the Bible Tells Me So, this user- friendly guide will enable anyone to facilitate a moving conversation about the Bible, the church and LGBT people. It will empower you and participants to take these conversations to the next level and help create communities that move beyond acceptance to advocacy.

The guide is divided into three parts: (1) a discussion of the feelings the film evokes about our families and our faith; (2) a conversation about the Bible—both how it is often used to discriminate against LGBT people and how it is a source of empowerment and liberation; (3) a step-by-step training to move people of faith and congregations from acceptance to public advocacy.

Normally, the cost to show videos in public settings (including congregations) is quite high. However, through HRC you can now purchase the DVD and an accompanying educational license for only $50.00 as long as you agree to use the study guide. This bargain rate is only available through HRC Store.

We want to hear from you! Go to our Share Your Story page and tell us about your experience using this curriculum and how it shaped conversations in your community.
If you have questions, thoughts or feedback about the curriculum please contact us at

*Please note: It is illegal to show this film in any public setting (including a congregation) without an educational license.

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